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About Roof It Right
With over 20 years experience in the roofing trade when it comes to Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair, Roof It Right has been servicing the Boulder City, NV area since 1994. Most of our jobs that related to Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair are performed by the owner to ensure the best possible job. Roof It Right performs all aspects of roofing, specializing in tile & shingles in the Boulder City, NV area. No Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair job is too small & our Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair estimates are free! We also provide roof certification & inspections at a reasonable fee. Call us now at (702) 791-2475.
What Makes Us Unique?
Accompanying Roof It Right is Bullet, the company dog, who has been on Las Vegas Channel 3 & 13. Bullet is one of the few dogs in the world that will climb the ladder and be part of the Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair experience. Roof It Right will provide the best service when it comes to Traditional Tile Roofing - Repair in the Boulder City, NV area. Call us today at (702) 791-2475.
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Definition - Roofing Repairs / Replacement:

To fix, replace, or restore (to it's original working condition) a roofing system made from wood shingles, metal, asphalt shingles, traditional tile, copper, glass, rubber, slate, or concrete. Common repair issues might include missing shingles, a roof that leaks, or just wear and tear from the natural elements (sun, wind, rain, snow).  The life expectancy of any roof can usually be determined by reviewing the warranty, but it's a good idea to have your roof inspected if you find any little problems.

Roof it Right Can Help With Your Roofing Repair Needs.

Keeping your roof in good shape is a wise decision for any homeowner.  We can help with all types of roofing repairs and installation, including asphalt, concrete, metal, rubber, tile, flat roofs, etc.

The roof not only protects your home from snow, rain, wind, and other elements, it also provides a nice way to customize the look of your home.  Finding a local, professional, licensed contractor can be quite challenging, but we can help make the process much easier.  If your roof appears to be in bad condition (has leaks, tiles or shingles missing, or just needs repairs) don't postpone the project any longer.  Minor roof repairs can easily lead to major problems down the road, so take the initiative and Contact us today by submitting your project request above.  We Can Help!

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